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Echoes of a Proud Nation Pow Wow
Echoes Of Proud Nation, Kahnawake, QC

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A yearly event in July, that takes place at the Pow Wow grounds on Tekakwitha Island.

A Message from the Powwow Committee:

“We are thrilled to be celebrating the Echoes of a Proud Nations Powwow. We have been anticipating this weekend to meet again and bring back the dancers and drums to Kahnawake. Powwow’s are a powerful gathering where multiple communities and generations of people come together to witness the pride of Indigenous dancers, drummers, and singers. We are welcoming you back to participate by listening to the drums, watch the dancing, enjoy the food, experience our crafts, establish new friendships, and simply reconnect with old friends.

The Echoes of a Proud Nation Powwow Committee look forward to once again rekindle our spirit through the power of the drum!”

Visit them online at kahnawakepowwow.com

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Annual 2 day event, takes place on the 2nd weekend in July

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