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Purpose Apothecary
Host Hotel, Kahnawake, QC

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Purpose Apothecary, started by a unique idea to have a cool/trendy gift and clothing boutique holding handpicked items from a mother and daughter team,  Mary Martin-Goodleaf and Meadow Lazare.

With inspirations from each city we’ve been able to visit, bringing our faves back to our boutique and creating a concept of our own that helps giveback to some of the organizations we are passionate about.

Our store has become a reflection of the causes we feel need attention during these times, with that being the forefront in memory of my mother, Meadow’s grandmother Joanne, instilled in us to always help out whenever or where we can with her favourite saying “it costs nothing to be kind!” We keep her values with us always as we continue to strive to help others and have fun while doing it.

Located 2nd Floor of Host Hotel, 1860 Route 132, Kahnawake, Qc

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